Flashcards for MCAT Organic Chemistry Reactions

Many students find organic chemistry boring and overwhelming. Those who do well in this subject tend to have good memories and the ability to visualize structures and processes in three dimensions. However, many who are not especially endowed with these attributes are still able to do well by reviewing with flashcards.

Flashcards are a time-proven method for learning, especially when the subject involves many pieces of factual information. Flashcards have two major advantages: the student must actively learn, and the learning process is enjoyable.

I have developed a software package that simulates using flashcards. It has a database of 201 flashcards, each containing one to six reactions. You can view the cards in any logical sequence you desire, and you can also shuffle the cards into random order to test your knowledge. There is no limit to the number of times you can do this.

So that you may evaluate this software, a free demo version of it is available for downloading below.

    System Requirements:
      IBM-compatible computer, a mouse, and Windows 3.1 or later.


      Your screen resolution should be 800 x 600 pixels. You can change your screen resolution by following this sequence:
        click 'Start,'
        click 'Settings,'
        click 'Control Panel,'
        double-click 'Display,'
        click 'Settings,'
        in 'Desktop Area' adjust to '800 x 600 pixels,'
        in 'Font Size' click 'small fonts,'
        click 'test,'
        click 'OK.'

Download Flashcards for MCAT Organic Chemistry Reactions - demo version (245 KB)

WinZip is required to unzip the downloaded program.

    Instructions on using WinZip
    1. Open WinZip program.
    2. Click on 'Open.'
    3. Browse to find zip file you want to unzip.
    4. Select that file.
    5. Click on 'Open.'
    6. Click on 'Extract.'
    7. Find and select folder in which to place unzipped file.
    8. Click on 'Extract.'
    9. In file manager or in 'explore,' find the unzipped file and begin using it.

To order the full version of the software, please click here: full version.

If you require the VBRUN300.DLL file, please click here. Once downloaded, extract the zip file and place the contents in the same folder as the software.

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